Pavilion Kits

Would you like to build your own Pavilion?

Would you like a pavilion and are looking for a quality but less expensive solution?

These are the top three most common reasons people buy our pavilion kits. Our pavilion kits are the same high quality as the pavilions that we install because they are exactly the same. All of our pavilions are installed on site. So you know you are buying quality.

Easy to assemble

You will enjoy the satisfaction of building your own pavilion with high quality results. The only tools you will need are a screw gun, a hammer, wrench, and a ladder.

What is included in each pavilion kit?

Our pavilion kits are ready for you to start assembly. The lumber is precut and predrilled. We provide all the shingles and hardware that you need. Our instructions are straight forward and easy to read and understand.

How long will it take to assemble?

Depending on the size of the pavilion, it will take a non-carpenter 10 to 20 hours.

Where can they be shipped?

Pavilion kits can be shipped anywhere in the continental US. Our shipping is through a secure common carrier and is pre-arranged by Country Lane Gazebos. You may also pick up your pavilion kit at our New Holland PA facility.

You can purchase all of our pavilions as a kit: Traditional Wood, Traditional Vinyl & Hampton models are available as pavilion kits.

Pavilion Kits