Vinyl Rectangle Gazebo

12'x16' Enclosed Backyard Gazebo
12x16 Rectangular Gazebo, Colonial Style, White Vinyl, Cupola, Pagoda Roof, Turned Posts, Victorian Braces, Vinyl Lite Windows, Scroll Door Braces, Rubber Slate Shingles
12' x 16' Rectangular Vinyl outdoor home Garden Gazebos gazeebos
12x16 Rectangular Gazebo, Country Style, White Vinyl, Cupola, Custom Braces, Elecrical Wiring, Weather Vane, Asphalt Shingles
10 x 10 Gazebo Buy a white vinyl gazebo for sale gazbo
10x10 Square Gazebo, Country Style, White Vinyl, Cupola, Pagoda Roof, No Floor, Asphalt Shingles
12 x 28 Rectangle The white Home Gazebo gazabo
12x28 Rectangular Gazebo, Country Style, White Vinyl, Asphalt Shingles
the 12 x 16 Vinyl Screened Home Gazebo gazeebo
12x16 Rectangular Gazebo, Country Style, White Vinyl, Cupola, Sceened, Custom Bridge, Asphalt Shingles

Rectangles are perfect for the person wanting maximum living space. Perfect for hot tubs and multi-purpose rooms. These Gazebos are available with many different options.

Roof Style



Pagoda Roof & Cupola

Pinnical Roof

Vinyl Railings

Country Style
(2x2 Turned Spindles Top and Bottom)

Colonial Style
(2x2 Turned Spindles Top and Bottom)

Baroque Rails
(¼"x1" Curved Bottom Rails and 2x2 Straight Top)

Sun Room Package
(24" Solid Bottom Panel with VinyLite Windows and Screens)

Color Matched Features

Standard Post

Turned Post

Standard Braces

Victorian Braces

Free Standing Benches

Crown Moulding

Privacy Panels

Non Color Matched Features

Screen Package

Screen in Floor

VinylLite Windows

Electrical Package
(Don't forget to add
additional recepticles)

Build to
Engineered Spec

Engineer Seal

Additional Options

Spindles Above the Door
Continues a uniform look. 6" or higher posts are recommened.

6" Higher Posts
Creates a higher roof line.
Stationary Skids
4" x 4" wooden runners under gazebo. Fastened permanently.

Extra Screen Door
Add multiple entrance points.

Vinyl Colors

(Standard for vinyl)


Standard Shingles

(Architectural Asphalt Shingles Standard on all Gazebos)

Aged Redwood

Charcoal Gray


Dual Black

Dual Brown

Dual Gray

Earthtone Cedar

Rivera Red

Forest Green

Harvard Slate

National Blue

Weather Wood

Optional Roofing

Wood and Rubber Shingles

(* Not Available w/ Bell Roof)

Cedar Wood*

Dark Gray
Rubber Slate

Rubber Slate

Red Rubber Slate

No Shingles

Metal Roofing

(* Not Available w/ Bell Roof)

Classic Green*

Slate Gray*

Hawaiian Blue*

Brite Red*



Gray Composite Decking

Cedar Composite Decking

Redwood Composite Decking

Brown Composite Decking


Slate Vinyl Tropical Decking

Teak Vinyl Tropical Decking

Mahogany Vinyl Tropical Decking

Walnut Vinyl Tropical Decking


Sand Cellular PVC

Stone Cellular PVC

The Heart of Craftsmanship

  • Assembled with stainless steel screws and glue coated galvanized fasteners
  • Engineered to withstand strong winds & heavy snow loads
  • Made from reinforced vinyl materials which require little maintenance; only occasional cleaning
  • Craftsmanship and materials are backed by a ten year limited warranty
Double 2" x 4" Rafters
Give the roof of your gazebo a heavy-duty load capacity and help prevent beam warping.
1" x 6" Tongue & Groove Ceiling
This roof gives the underside of your gazebo a high quality finish, and allows for greater snow load capacity.
Reinforced Connecting Plates
(Stainless Steel)

These brackets give your gazebo a greater snow load capacity and higher wind resistance.
2" x 8" Compression Ring
The compression ring ties the rafters and posts of your gazebo together for additional snow load capacity and wind stability.
Reinforced Vinyl Posts
These posts give the structure the rigidity needed to weather all the seasons.
Seamless Corner Caps
Give the base of your gazebo a seamless look and high quality finish.
Stainless Steel Screws
Stainless steel screws maintain the long life of your gazebo and offer a high-quality finished appearance.
9" Stabilizing Screws
This hidden, but very important part ties the roof and braces together for added lateral strength.
2" x 6" Braces
These braces add strength and control side-to-side motion.

36" High Rails
Brings railings up from the standard 32" to 36". Great for higher elevations.
Double 2" x 6" Floor Joists prevent warping of joists and popping of floor boards. They also allow for a better straight down fastening of the floor board, giving your deck a stronger, longer-lasting life.
1" Thick Composite Decking
Composite decking means there's no need to paint or stain your decking with long-lasting stainless steel screws that resist rust for many years.