Gazebo Design Ideas

Add a gazebo to small spaces

There are nearly as many ways to enjoy your new gazebo as there are people in the world. We offer a variety of gazebo designs, made from maintenance-free vinyl or traditional wood. Here are some great ways to combine our gazebo designs and your unique backyard to create an outdoor oasis you’ll be proud to show off!

Looking for space-saving gazebo designs that work perfectly in smaller yards or gardens? Our octagon-shaped 8′ or 10′ gazebo might be perfect for your needs! The octagon shape is a welcome architectural element in any garden setting and these smaller gazebos also work well on patios and decks too! These gazebos are available in wood or vinyl styles to match your outdoor decor. Check out our gazebos page to see these smaller styles!

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Man standing in gazebo

Keep the bugs away

Your new gazebo offers the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors, but as we all know, annoying insects are often part of the package. Keep bugs at bay and enjoy intimate dining, garden parties or just some time to yourself without annoying mosquitos, moths, flies and bees. Any of our gazebos from the smallest 8′ octagon to the largest 16′ x 32′ rectangle can be finished with our quality screen package, along with a decorative door. Explore your options now!

Enclosed white gazebo attached to a raised deck.

Add a hot tub

Looking for the perfect place to enjoy your new hot tub in private? Our larger rectangular gazebos are the perfect way to house your new hot tub in style and comfort. Add screening to keep the bugs at bay or outfit your new gazebo with VinlyLite windows for added privacy, as well as protection from wind and heavy rain! Be sure to ask our sales staff about gazebo designs that work well with just about any hot tub.

Gazebo with hot tub in it.

Light Up the Night

The party doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down.

Keep the party going by adding decorative lighting to your new gazebo.

Whether you want to add interior lighting for reading or a killer game of cards or want to add decorative lights that accent your gazebo’s features by night, we can add an electrical package to your gazebo that’s perfect for adding lighting features to your new gazebo with ease!

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gazebo with interior lights