Elevate Your Gazebo With the Perfect Lighting

Lighting Your Gazebo To Create the Perfect Mood

Gazebos are the perfect addition to any backyard, offering a shaded retreat for relaxation and entertaining. But once the sun sets, creating a magical ambiance requires thoughtful lighting. The right lighting can transform your gazebo into a truly inviting space.

Here are some gazebo lighting ideas and product recommendations to help you make the most of your backyard gazebo time.

Pendant Lighting & Chandeliers

Add a touch of elegance with a wrought-iron chandelier or a lantern-style pendant light. These are perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for entertaining or relaxing. Check out Lightopia for some great pendant light options.

Outdoor hanging chandelier over a patio dining table.

Festoon Lights

String lights draped across the ceiling or wrapped around posts create a whimsical and romantic ambiance. Consider these Dauer Edison-style bistro bulbs or fairy lights or for adding a delightful touch.

Outdoor festoon string lights.

Outdoor Floor Lamps

Place floor lamps strategically around the perimeter of your gazebo (or in between seating as shown in the pergola here) for a more intimate setting. Look for outdoor floor lamps from that are weather-resistant and stylish, like these from Home Depot or Wayfair.

LED Strip Lights

For a modern touch, consider adding LED strip lights under the eaves of your gazebo or along the railings. These provide soft, indirect lighting and come in a variety of colors, like these highly-rated strip lights from Amazon.

LED strip lights
Additional Considerations

Q: Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches allow you to control the brightness of your lights, creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Many models include a remote control to adjust the brightness. Another option is a wall-mounted style switch where the dimmer controls are integrated into the switch.

Q: Mosquito Management

By adding light to your gazebo, you might attract a few mosquitoes to the party. If you’ve added a screen package to your gazebo, you’re probably fine. If your gazebo doesn’t have screens, consider the Thermacell E90 mosquito repellent device. It was Wirecutter’s top pick (Wirecutter is the product review section of the New York Times).

Add-Ons To Accommodate Gazebo Lighting & Comfort

All of our gazebos have an optional electrical package add-on. When you customize your gazebo, you can add an electrical package during the quote process. Also consider the screen package to keep bugs out (like the mosquitoes we talked about above).

Electrical Package: The electrical package includes a single outlet. You can add up to 7 additional receptacles for a total of 8. If you’re planning to add lighting to your gazebo, you’ll thank yourself later for adding receptacles because having them makes installing lighting features to your new gazebo so much easier.

Gazebo Screen Package: The screen package includes an aluminum screen door to match your gazebo’s color). Screens made from fiberglass for durability and better visibility from the inside. The screen package also includes trim strips, hardware, and installation instructions.

Outdoor Lighting Brands We Recommend

Dauer Manufacturing Dauer Manufacturing

Dauer specializes in high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. They offer a wide range of LED products including landscape lights, bollards, and lamps.

TruScapes Tru-Scapes

Tru-Scapes’ outdoor LED lighting solutions designed for decks, fences, landscapes, hardscapes, and concrete areas. They offer a variety of low-voltage lighting options and their products are known for being easy to install and affordable.

Bold Bold

Bold Lighting offers modern, high-quality outdoor lighting solutions. They offer a variety of fixtures including inground lights, wall grazers, and ceiling mounted lights with a focus on clean aesthetics and functionality.

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