Octagon vinyl gazebo with cupola and pagoda on raised stone platform in a garden.

How to Keep Pests From Your Garden Gazebo


It’s that time of year to venture out into the yard for some well-needed sun and nature. With the new Garden Gazebo, you’ve created a peaceful sanctuary. It’s enviable the pests will also find sanctuary there. Here are a few ideas to keep your Garden Gazebo pest free.


There are a variety of plants that are natural bug repellents. Lemongrass, Lemon Balm, Basil, Rosemary, Garlic, Marigolds, or Catnip repel mosquitos. Adding a mixture of these plants to the landscaping around your Gazebo can create a variety of shapes, size, and colors. This is a great example of how to keep bugs away using a more earth-friendly way instead of chemical deterrents.

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Outdoor Fans

Mosquitos are the worst! I know a few family members they feast off of every year. One way to combat these villains with wings is to install a fan. Customers add an exterior fan to their Gazebo for practical air movement but it can also keep mosquitos away. According to a New York Times article, “Mosquitoes are relatively weak fliers, so placing a large fan on your deck can provide a low-tech solution.” The Journal of Medical Entomology recommends that fan-generated wind is a practical means of protecting humans or pets from mosquitoes in the backyard setting.

Some innovative companies have designed really neat accessories that have a variety of functions like combating pesky mosquitos! NuTone offers landscape lighting that can both light your path and keep mosquitos away.

white gazeboScreens

Another way to keep pests out of your Gazebo is to add screens. Country Lane Gazebos has an option of adding a screen package to your purchase, which includes a screened door. Enjoy a nice breeze blowing through your screened-in gazebo – without the hassle of dealing with pesky bugs.

Vinyl Lite windows in a 10x14 Oval
Vinyl-Lite windows in a 10×14 Oval


Our Vinyl Lite Windows is an excellent choice if you wish to keep bugs and larger pests out of your Gazebo. Windows can also provide additional cover from the weather. You can keep windows open in the summer for a nice breeze or closed for warmth during the winter. Either way, windows provide some great benefits!

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