Traditional vinyl pavilion kit with cupola and next to a pool.

4 Tips to Prepare Your Yard for an Outdoor Structure

Adding a new gazebo, pergola or pavilion to your backyard can be an exciting and rewarding experience that adds value to your home. However, careful planning is essential to ensure you enjoy your new outdoor structure for years to come. Following these guidelines can help to ensure a smooth installation of your new gazebo, pergola, or pavilion.

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White vinyl gazebo with a pagoda and a cupola, and near a pool.

8 Questions to Ask Yourself When Purchasing a Gazebo

Purchasing a gazebo should be an investment in your property, so whether it’s for personal or public use, you want to be certain that the structure you’re designing is the one you want. If you’re new to the idea of owning an outdoor structure like a gazebo, then you likely have many questions. Or maybe you’re not even sure which questions you should ask.

To get the most out of your gazebo you should consider everything from the reason you want to add a gazebo to your outdoor space, down to the type of shingles and flooring you’d like. Unless you’re buying a premade gazebo, you’ll have the option to create a custom design that will be unique to your tastes. Before you can do that, though, you have to understand what your options might look like—and which questions to ask the company you’re purchasing the structure from.

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Hampton style, white vinyl pavilion with bar style outdoor kitchen and seating.

Guide to Choosing a Pavilion for Your Backyard

Whether you want to create a cozy spot to enjoy the outdoors more in every season or build the ultimate outdoor entertainment area, adding a pavilion to your outdoor space is a smart option to consider. Yet with all the styles, features and options available, how do you decide which pavilion is right for you? Here are some tips to make the process easier.

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