Close up diagrams on a drawing board.

Why Buy Series: The Benefits of Having an In-House Draftsman Part Two

It’s daunting when starting a project like a backyard structure. Having drawings can help visualize your dream. That’s where a Draftsman is helpful.

What is a draftsman?

Drawing boardA draftsman is a person who makes detailed technical plans or drawings. This person can draw out the specs for your project. Draftsman work often with local code and making it compliant.
How will a Draftsman benefit my project?
For small or medium projects where drawings are needed that provide technical detail but do not require a lot of design or engineering, a draftsman can provide contractors with a clear set of working instructions. They create to-scale technical drawings that include detailed specifications.



JR- CLG Draftsman

Country Lane Draftsman

Country Lane has an in-house Draftsman. He creates a variety of specs and technical drawing for each of our structures. Often times these 3D drawings give customers a better idea of what their outdoor structure will look when completed. When specific laws or local ordinances require more, like sealed documents, Country Lane works with certified engineers to help meet the standards of those ordinances.


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