Kingston Pergola with outdoor kitchen and dining area near a fire pit on a stone patio.

The Guide to Check Posts and Splits

Oh no, my post has a crack! What should I do and is this something to worry about? “Splits” and “checks” as they are commonly called in the industry are a normal and unavoidable part of owning an outdoor product made from pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine. A “check” is defined as a separation of the wood, normally through the rings of the lumber and is the result of seasoning. These “splits” and “checks” are part of the nature of lumber and are an unavoidable part of the drying process. An example of a normal “check”, is pictured here to the left.

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Comparison photo of a traditional vs an artisan pergola joist.

The Practical Guide to Cleaning a Pergola

One of the most important parts of owning a large item such as a house, car, or pergola, is the basic maintenance and care of those items. Any investment needs some TLC.  A little preventive maintenance can go a long way toward protecting your investment and give you many years of enjoyment.

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