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We offer highly skilled teams that specialize in working with wood and composite materials. These teams work in a state-of-the-art facility equipped to handle manufacturing processes including but not limited to cutting and assembly of wood and composite materials, milling, glue lamming, spray painting, dip staining, aluminum and metal assemblies, packaging, among other craftsmanship related projects.

Our quality control teams can ensure projects are completed according to quality specifications and time lines are met every time. With over 30 years of experience our skilled production teams are ready to assist with your businesses manufacturing needs.

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Quality of Work – Quality assurance on all projects and shipping methods

Responsiveness – Direct contact information to manufacturing.

Expertise – At Country Lane, we take pride in building outdoor structures that offer flexibility, practical functionality, and an endless array of possibilities for creating your backyard oasis. Whether you love the classic look of a gazebos, want to add a stylish pergola or prefer a pavilion to create a private sanctuary, we have a structure that fits your needs.

Cost – Our goal will be to deliver high quality products using effective and efficient manufacturing processes to achieve high levels of consumer satisfaction while minimizing manufacturing costs.

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