Life on the Road with Country Lane Installers

  • Kit Crew

    Heart of an Explorer. Hands of a Carpenter. Talents of a Magician.

    The Road. For some, traveling is not their idea of fun. Seeing new sites while using their skills to create smiles on new faces is fulfilling for others. We respect that. But what happens if the road stops calling? Many of our installers have moved into leadership roles within Country Lane.

    The Team. Join our install crew and…

    Your Skills. Use your carpentry skills and work ethic to wow our customers. No, really floor them. What sets us apart from other teams is your ability amazing people who value what you can do.

    Family. Businesses use the word family too much for our liking. We respect that word and what it means. We believe a company backs up its beliefs with actions. Our actions? Besides many families physically working together side-by-side at Country Lane (bothers, cousins, husbands and wives, fathers and sons, and fathers and daughters), we host family-building events and life training opportunities. We hired an on-site life coach to help our families grow. For us, family is one of the main reasons we give our all… Everyday.

    Community. Working on-site and seeing the country can be exciting, but it’s nothing like coming home. We work, commune, and live in a community. Doing good and the right thing can sometimes be challenging. Then, there are the other times. We believe that there are blessings in cheerful giving. When you come for a tour, ask about our giving program.

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What’s life like on the road for a Country Lane Installer?

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