Commercial Pavilions

Looking to add a large pavilion to a park, wedding venue, or commercial property? Our commercial pavilions provide plenty of overhead shade for a picnic, outdoor bar, or outside event. See how we can create a custom commercial pavilion for your needs.
vinyl pavilion at retirement center

Benefits of a Commercial Pavilion

Outdoor pavilions are a popular choice for creating an event or picnic space. Providing shade from the afternoon sun or cover from a sudden rainstorm, pavilions are easy to add to new or existing concrete pads, brick patios, or decks. Adding a pavilion can increase foot traffic, improve visitor satisfaction, and add new event capabilities to your property.

Our vinyl and wood pavilions are built to last and look great for years to come, with sturdy construction, premium materials, and elegant designs. Pavilions can come as a DIY kit or be installed by our experienced crew.

Popular Locations for Pavilions:
  • Community Park
  • Campground
  • Church Property
  • School
  • Sports Field
  • Retirement Community
  • Amusement Park

Build Your Own Pavilion Online

Start customizing your commercial pavilion today. Use our online builder to choose the size, colors, and specifications that are the perfect fit for your project. Once you build your structure, you can submit it to our team for a personalized quote.

For additional sizes and custom options, contact our team to learn more.