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Arcadian, vinyl pergola with outdoor seating and a small garden surrounding.

Rediscover Beauty

The perfect complement to any backyard or garden, our Arcadian Pergolas mimic the natural lines and curves in nature, with squared or rounded posts and a beautiful arched top that offers partial shade and architectural interest. Contact Us

Customizable Options


White paint on wood example.

White (Standard for vinyl pergolas)

Ivory paint color example.




Ached Arcadian Pergola specs

Available Options

Post Options

Superior white vinyl post.

Superior Posts Creates an added element of refinement

Eight by Eight inch white vinyl post.

8x8 Vinyl Posts for a robust look

10 inch wooden pergola post.

10" Columns Give your pergola a Mediterranean feel

Arcadian Pergola Standard Features


Add an air of romance and mystique to any backyard setting with an arched or curved pergola from Country Lane. Built for home owners who appreciate the beauty in the details, our arched and curved pergola designs create a warm, sophisticated look you’ll love! Whether you’re creating an intimate dinner for two or having friends over for a sumptuous feast, your new arched or curved pergola can provide an elegant backdrop for all those special moments!

Maintenance-free white vinyl top. Solid pressure-treated wood 6×6 posts sleeved in vinyl and decorative base and capital. Double 2×8 headers with pressure treated wood sleeved in white vinyl for strength and a non-sagging appearance. Full width 2×6 arched rafter joists that span across the shorter side and 2×2 runners span the longer side. We include engineered anchor brackets for anchoring to concrete pads and wood decks.

6×6 Post and Skirt

Post Trim

Arched Joists