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Kingston pergola with canyon brown stain, 8x8 posts and an outdoor seating area.

Perfect for Spaces Large and Small

Made from hand-selected natural cedar, the Kingston Pergola stands on solid 8x8 Cedar posts and includes large 4x10 braces for stability. Heavy-duty headers with 6x12 beams and 4x8 joists provide superior strength and durability. The 2x3 purlins are spaced 6" on center, creating the perfect amount of shade. Available in 4 water-repellent stain colors. Contact Us

Customizable Options

KINGSTON PERGOLA STAINS (All stains come with water proofing)

Cedar Stained lumber sample.


Canyon brown wood stain sample.

Canyon Brown

Mahogany Wood Stain Example.


Cinder stained lumber style.


Mushroom Stain Option


Available Options

Standard Options

Outdoor covered electrical outlet and light switch.

Electrical Package

Standard Wood Features


Our Wood Pavilions are made from #1 grade, treated Southern Yellow Pine. All boards are hand-selected for the best possible appearance.

Wood Pergolas - Notched Intersections
Notched Intersections
Wood Pergolas - Heavy Duty Headers
Heavy Duty Headerswith Braces
Wood Pergolas - Anchor Bracket
Anchor Bracket
Wood Pergolas - Post Skirt
Post SkirtCovers bracket and bolts


Why Choose a Wood Pergola?


Adding a Pergola to your backyard landscape will offer years of outdoor enjoyment in every season. Since your choice of a pergola is a big decision, you may be wondering if you should choose a wood Pergola or opt for a vinyl design instead. Here are some tips to help you choose the right Pergola for your needs:

The Character of Wood


There’s just something about the look of real wood, from the subtle grain patterns to the rich stain colors. A wooden Pergola exudes a certain richness and style that many people prefer. Your wooden Pergola will offer beauty and character a testament to tradition.

Environmentally Friendly


Our wood Pergolas are made from responsibly forested wood sources, a renewable resource that makes them an environmentally- friendly choice many of our customers prefer.

Your Choice of Stain Colors


Whether you prefer rich, dark tones, light subtle hues, or the natural look of real wood, a wood Pergola can be stained or clear coated to match your taste and blend perfectly with your backyard decor.

If you are looking for our Cedar Pergolas, please view our Wood Artisan Pergola page.

Build Your Own Pergola Online

Turn your dream into reality with one of our custom builders that allow you to create the Pergola you have always imagined. Our builder is easy to use and allows you to choose the size, colors, and specifications that are the perfect fit for your backyard oasis. Once you build your structure, you can submit it to our team for a personalized quote.