Artisan style pergola with easy shade folded away on a stone tile patio.

5 Must-Have Autumn Outdoor Structure Accessories

Autumn is the time for cool crisp temperatures, the smell of firewood, and the beauty of colorful leaves. Most believe that when summer ends so does the outdoor activities. Let’s change your mind and get you back outdoors during the Autumn months! We have the must-have outdoor structure accessories for an enjoyable Autumn!


Endless Summer Heating Lamps
Endless Summer Heating Lamps

Heaters add warmth to space to keep you, your family and friends outdoors longer. Adding a heater to your outdoor space can be very fashionable. There are a variety of heaters to choose from for your space. Many that look like living room lamps! Make sure you place your heater in the ideal place for even dispersion of warmth. Minimize fire hazards by keeping it away from other surfaces, e.g. placing a heater next to vinyl is not a good idea, as it can melt and warp the material.

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Lighting is a great way to create comfort and atmosphere in your backyard. As the daylight gets shorter, lighting is important to have in and around your backyard for practical reasons like knowing where

Hampton Pavilion with chandelier
Hampton Pavilion

you’re stepping. Aside from the practical, lighting can generate a feeling of warmth and a comfortable atmosphere. According to a Huffington Post article, “Research published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology shows that the more intense the lighting, the greater a person’s emotions — both positive and negative… turning down the light, effortless and unassuming as it may seem, can reduce emotionality in everyday decisions.” So, add some soft light, sit back and relish the tranquil atmosphere you’ve created.

Firepit or Fireplace

Hearthside Pergola

Firepits or fireplaces are becoming a trend in outdoor living as homes expand into the backyard. Both add the practical use for warmth (or occasional s’more  ) while adding style to your yard. Think of how much space you want to have around either a firepit or fireplace. Firepits provide a 360 amount of room whereas fireplaces only provide 180. Either way, firepits, and fireplaces create a space to enjoy year-round.


Adirondack Folding Chair
Adirondack Folding Chair

Creating comfort outside during the Fall requires good furniture. Patiova offers a variety of Poly furniture that is easy to clean, holds up well in weather, and will hold its color for decades with very little fading. Adding chairs around a firepit, fireplace, or near a heater while sipping apple cider makes for a cozy spot for the family to enjoy.


An outdoor structure is an inviting, relaxing spot for your backyard. Why not enjoy year-round living with an outdoor structure? An outdoor structure could bring new memories for you, your friends and family. One of our customers recently remarked that the structure he bought was a focal point for him, his family and grandchildren. They could sit around the fireplace or make a pizza with their pizza oven. Choose from many Country Lane Pergolas, Pavilions, or Gazebos to create your year-round living spot!

Traditional Vinyl Pavilion
Kingston Pergola
Baroque Style Gazebo

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