Become a Dealer


To become a dealer you must first qualify. You will be asked a couple of questions such as where is your location, type of current business and display area availability.


You will need to make a commitment to sell and carry our products. This also comes with a commitment to purchase display models.

After Qualification and commitment we make it easy for you to get started. Utilizing our catalogues, posters, gazebos display board, and engineered drawings you can get started quickly. With our team of dealer support representatives, we offer training and support to get you up and running. We believe our dealers are the best trained and supported in the gazebo industry.

Guy checking quality of wood

As a Country Lane Gazebo Dealer this is what you can expect


We are available for your questions, reduce your frustrations, and meet critical deadlines.


Our gazebos & Pergolas are built with a heavy duty design and our craftsmen pay attention to the details.


We continue to update our product lines to bring you the “In Designs”.

Skilled Installation

We offer onsite installation of all our structures, which includes our 10 year guarantee.

Dealer Training

We host an annual dealer appreciation training seminar, provide quarterly newsletters and other dealer programs to keep you up to date with all our products and what is working in today’s market.