Artisan vinyl pergola with outdoor seating and vines growing up corners next to a pool.

Four Pergola Ideas to Spark Your Backyard Oasis

ancient pergola
Ancient Roman Pergola

Pergolas are more versatile than most outdoor structures.

Just look at the history of the Pergola!

Pergolas have been around for centuries, even dating as far back to 1400 BC Egypt! Over the centuries pergolas have shown up in a variety of places from Italy to England. It’s one of the oldest garden structures still in use today! The Latin word “pergola” means “projecting eave”. The structure of a pergola is formed of vertical posts or pillars that often support cross beams and a sturdy open lattice. Used for various reasons like hanging flower gardens and harvestable gardens or an outside structure that provides shade. Pergolas are also used in small and large sitting areas, entryways, also along park walkways. They were historically made of stone, brick, and wood.

Modern Pergolas have a variety of simple, yet versatile designs to choose from plus a range of building materials. Often pergolas were exclusive to just the elite but times have changed. Currently, the elegance of the pergola is showing up in various backyard spaces.

What would work in your backyard?

It will come down to your personality and design taste. Are you more traditional or do you enjoy modern tastes? Here are a few suggestions:

Vinyl Artisan Pergola
Vinyl Artisan Pergola

Artisan Pergola:

It is built for individuals who enjoy the traditional old-world look. It is a piece that will enhance your outdoor living space while providing shade and a place for entertaining. The Artisan is for those who want the comfort of an outdoor space, but with the sophistication of the historical pieces. View our collection of Vinyl Artisan Pergolas

Hearthside Pergola
Hearthside Pergola

Hearthside Pergola:

Transforms an outdoor space into a romantic getaway or a private evening dinner with friends. A Hearthside has a charming and warm look that creates a private getaway with the privacy wall. If you’re looking to make the space intimate, then the Hearthside is for you! A Hearthside has both the look of the traditional with modern influences. View our collection of Hearthside Pergolas

Kingston Pergola
Kingston Pergola


Has a strong design presence! The Kingston is similar to the traditional styles but with layered cedar timbers, which give it a firm and sturdy feel. Shop Kingston Pergolas

Santa Fe:

For the person who has a modern taste will love the grand entrance of the Santa Fe. The body is more traditional like the Kingston but has a slanted roof than most Pergolas. Often, Santa Fe is seen poolside to create a place for shade and a dramatic entrance. Shop Santa Fe Pergolas

Santa Fe Vinyl Pergola
Santa Fe Vinyl Pergola

Traditional wood pergola with cedar stain and e z shade on a stone patio.


It is a great mixture of a traditional pergola but lighter shapes. A slender, sleek design allows the owner to bring balance to their outdoor living design. Shop Traditional Pergolas

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