Popular Gazebo Sizes

While we offer a wide variety of gazebo sizes at Country Lane, we’ve found that many customers prefer our most popular sizes for their flexibility, low shipping costs and easy to assemble kit options. Our most popular sizes can be shipped across the US.

White octagon gazebo.

8 x 8 Gazebos

Our 8×8 gazebo is available in both wood and vinyl materials and has a classic octagon shape many of our customers prefer. The 8×8 fits in a variety of spaces and is often the best choice for customers with limited yard space. This gazebo is perfect for intimate dinners and small family gatherings.

Wooden octagon gazebo.

10 x 10 Gazebos

Our 10×10 gazebo is perfect for families who have a bit more backyard space, but still want a building with a smaller footprint. Our 10×10 size is available in octagon, rectangular, and oval shapes and can be built in both wood and vinyl styles. The 10×10 is an excellent accent to garden areas and can also be used for family get togethers and picnics.

Screened in square gazebo.

10 x 12 Gazebos

One of our best sellers, the 10×12 gazebo is the perfect sweet spot between the smaller 10×10 and the larger 12×12. Available in octagon, rectangular, and oval styles, this gazebo looks perfectly proportioned when paired with an outdoor garden and also works well for family entertainment and outdoor barbecues. The 10×12 can be built in classic wood or maintenance-free vinyl.

Octagon gazebo.

12 x 12 Gazebos

Built for customers that want more space to entertain, our 12×12 gazebo is available in octagon, rectangular, and oval shapes to suit your taste. Choose from the classic look of wood or opt for maintenance-free vinyl styling. Our 12×12 can easily accommodate extended family picnics or parties with friends. Some of our customers have also used our 12×12 gazebo to house their hot tub as well.

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Whether you opt for one of our most popular gazebo styles or need a larger gazebo for your needs, Country Lane builds all of our gazebos with quality craftsmanship you and your family will appreciate for generations.

Contact Country Lane today and tell us about YOUR dream gazebo. Be sure to visit our gazebo design ideas for more inspiration.

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