White vinyl rectangle gazebo with a cupola, next to a decorative pond with trees in background.

5 Benefits of a Garden Gazebo

Nothing upgrades a space like adding an outdoor structure to your backyard. A Gazebo has many rewards and multiple returns on your investment. It adds a unique, fun space to a yard and brings you out all year long. Adding a Gazebo can transform your garden into something phenomenal while delivering various benefits.

The Benefits of a Garden Gazebo

Getting you outside

It is a great benefit to interact with the outdoors. Often times we see our backyard from our window, but rarely wander out to enjoy it. How about adding a space that could beckon you to the outdoors and comfort?  Imagine a space that is comfortable, protected from the sun, and offers solace. Gazebos are an inviting space that draws you out all year around.

Diversity in a Gazebo

The shapes of a Gazebo can lend itself to many diverse activities, such as:

  • Outdoor dining space for family gatherings, dinner parties, and other dining activities.
  • A shelter or enclosure for your hot tub.
  • A wedding venue for either the exchanging of the vows, reception or both! (plus, the memories while it’s in your yard).
  • A private and intimate space for conversations or just quiet reflection.
  • Use as a focal point in a garden.
  • Lounging under a covered structure.
  • Year-round enjoyment!

Garden Gazebo WeddingThe Icing on the Cake

Gazebos are an additional “wow” factor in any get-together. Imagine a wedding with the gazebo decked out in flowers with sheer fabric moving lightly in the wind. Families creating shared memories under a Gazebo. Not only does the Gazebo add to the practical needs but ones that build memories and relationships for years to come.

Adds Value to your Home

While outdoor structures don’t necessarily count toward the total square footage of your home, they do provide much of the privacy and functionality of an indoor room. They also increase your home’s value.  Realtor.com said, “51 percent of buyers surveyed earlier this year expressed that an outdoor living space was the most attractive quality in a home, over even open floor plans and curb appeal,” says Think Glink, a financial and realtor site.” Add in the fact that your new outdoor room will soon become everyone’s favorite and that square footage becomes very valuable indeed.

Peace of Mind

In this day and age, peace and solitude are difficult to find. Another benefit of adding a structure to your outdoor space is it can provide a place to unwind and relax.16 Octagon Vinyl Gazebo

John Grossman says, “A quiet place outdoors has no physical borders or limits to perception. One can commonly hear for miles and listen even farther. A quiet place affords sanctuary for the soul, where the difference between right and wrong becomes more readily apparent. It is a place to feel the love that connects all things, large and small, human and not; a place where the presence of a tree can be heard. A quiet place is a place to open up all your senses and come alive.”

Add a space that brings you back to center. You will feel and see the difference!

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