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Even if you have trouble spelling the word pavilion (many people think it's spelled with two L's as in pavillion or pavillions), you've probably enjoyed a special moment or two in an outdoor pavilion at one time or another. And you might be wondering just how you'll use your new pavilion when it arrives. Here are some great ways our customers use their outdoor pavilions. We hope you'll find some great ideas and even create a few of your own!
There's nothing quite like dinner for two on a balmy summer night in your brand new backyard pavilion. And don't worry if it starts to rain. The roof of your outdoor pavilion will provide the perfect backdrop to enjoy the sounds of a gentle summer rain.
Sometimes the outdoors is too sunny in the afternoon to sit out. Or a sudden rain storm can spoil your outdoor plans. But your backyard pavilion will help you enjoy the outdoors more by providing valuable shade and protection from the sun.
Whether you're planning family game night or a long awaited family reunion, an outdoor pavilion is the perfect centerpiece to enjoy the bonds of family in style.


Chances are Country Lane offers the perfect fit for your needs. We sell our custom pavilions nationwide through our network of quality dealers! To find a great backyard pavilion for sale in your area, check out our dealer map now!

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