Artisan style pergola with outdoor kitchen on a stone patio near some docks.

How to Create Backyard Shade and Comfortable Living

It’s that time of year we prepare for summer fun and enjoyment. Enjoying the good weather, relaxation, friends and family, nature, and get-togethers are all part of summer. Many events happen in the backyard, so why not start thinking about making your backyard comfortable? One problem people encounter when they start the process of transforming their backyard is how do I add shade? Here we give you several ideas to create backyard shade and comfortable outdoor living.

EZShade canopies and curtains are exclusive to Country Lane Gazebos. The EZShade products give a polished look to outdoor structures while giving you the opportunity to change the amount of sun hitting your space or additional privacy.

EZShade Canopies

EZShade Canopy
EZShade Canopy
Country Lane Gazebos' EZShade Canopy on a Pergola
Country Lane Gazebos’ EZShade Canopy on a Pergola

The Pergola, featured on the left, demonstrates how great canopies are for outdoor living. A Canopy is an excellent instant shade that creates a cool and dry place for you or your guests. EZShade Canopy is manually controlled and glides effortlessly on a durable triple track system (image on the right). Made from quality materials, such as aluminum beams and Sunbrella fabric, make for a great value!

If you want to maintain the look of a Pergola, but desire shade, adding an EZShade Canopy is a good way to go. You can easily move the canopy to open or close depending on the weather or desire!

EZShade Curtains

The EZShade Curtain has a dual purpose: It can act as a shield against the sun and act as a privacy panel. EZShade Curtains provide attractive and durable shade with easy-to-use manual controls. Guided by stainless steel cables, and lowered using a hand crank, this curtain will give your backyard a polished look while covering your practical needs. Available in a variety of patterns and colors to choose from and adds a unique quality to your space.

EZShade Curtains
EZShade Curtains

A Structure Already Exists

If you already have a backyard structure and wish to add an EZShade Canopy, you will need to get a few measurements. Measure wing width from the edge to the edge of the innermost point of the header. Then measure drive beam length, which is the edge to edge of the innermost point of the header. If you can send us images, our design team can review the structure and ensure the proper fit.

The same goes for the EZShade Curtain, a few measurements of your structure will save you time when you order. Measure from the first post to the second on the side you wish to have it on (center of post to the other center or desired location of cables). Then measure the height from the beam to the ground for the length of fabric. Also, consider the material and color you wish for the box the curtain is housed in when not in use. Our wood is available in our standard stains and the vinyl is either white or ivory. Finally, what side do you want the hand crank on, left or right?

Creating a backyard equipped for fun under the sun and comfortable living is a dream. Let our EZ Shade Canopy or Curtain make that dream come true. The convenience of an EZShade allows our customers to bask in the outdoors while getting quality materials and adding practical shade to their outdoor area.


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