Comparison between Hampton and Traditional vinyl pavilions.

5 Differences Between the Hampton and Traditional Pavilion

A Pavilion has an elegance and classy look. Pavilions can transform a yard into a resort or something out of a home and garden magazine. When it comes to Pavilion design, there is a variety of designs from which to choose at Country Lane Gazebos. People often ask us, “What is the difference between the Hampton and Traditional Pavilion? They both look the same”.
We will answer the question of the five differences between the Hampton and Traditional Pavilion, to give you a better idea of what you’re purchasing.

5 Differences between the
Hampton and Traditional Pavilion:

Hampton Pavilion
Hampton Pavilion

Hampton Pavilion

          • The Hampton roof has a higher roof pitch. About 7.5/12
          • Larger over hang that is approximately 12″; this will make the roof larger & steeper
          • 10″ round, larger columns
          • Headers system with a sweeping continuous arch brace
          • Additional Trim & Decorative dental moldings

Traditional Pavilion

14 foot by 12 foot vinyl traditional pavilion with a fireplace and a pool nearby.
Traditional Vinyl Pavilion
          • The Traditional has a roof that is 6/12
          • Roof over hang of approximately 6″
          • 6×6 Vinyl square posts
          • Header with short arch braces
          • Basic Trim

**Both have exposed wood ceilings with Mahogany Stain as standard.

Think about what you like from the description above. The table above will give you an idea of what the design will look. Each Pavilion has unique qualities, consider your preferences in relation to your outdoor space and design taste. Structures can be modified for customers who want to order a Hampton without the decorative dental moldings or some other variation.

Once your Pavilion is chosen and installed, sit back and enjoy making memories!

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