Wedding Pavilions

Elevate your guests’ experience with an elegant wedding pavilion for your wedding venue. Our commercial wedding pavilions create a great environment that allows couples and their guests to relax after the ceremony and create beautiful memories together. See how we can design a custom wedding pavilion for your venue.

Recent Commercial Wedding Pavilions

20′ x 28′ Hampton Vinyl Pavilion

with low-maintenance vinyl pillars and brown asphalt shingles

14′ x 16′ Alpine Wedding Pavilion

with Canyon Brown stain and Asphalt shingles.

16′ x 24′ Grand Estate Vinyl Pavilion

with brick pillar bases and grey asphalt shingles.

Benefits of a Commercial Pavilion for Wedding Venues

Investing in a pavilion may feel like a large commitment however, wedding pavilions enhance the visual appeal of your venue, allow you to offer an additional area for couples to use, and can increase your yearly cash flow! Wedding pavilions are an affordable alternative for today’s budget-conscious couples and provide a beautifully intimate setting for ceremonies, great spot for serving food during the reception, or a unique lounge area for fun photo ops or for wedding guests to relax.

Our large pavilions are built to last and look great for years to come, with sturdy construction, premium materials, and elegant designs. Commercial wedding pavilions can be installed on a concrete slab, landscape pavers, waterfront dock, or an elevated platform. Pavilions can come as a ready to assemble pavilion kit or be installed by our experienced crew.

Wood A frame Pavilion.

Uses for Wedding Pavilions

Wedding planners and venue owners have used our pavilions to increase the value and appeal of their properties. Couples love our wedding pavilions, since they provide the perfect environment for hosting their guests on their magical day. Wedding pavilions can easily be used throughout the year and offer additional uses beyond weddings! You can host events, parties, or give patrons a place to sit and reflect as they tour your beautiful venue.

Popular uses for our commercial wedding pavilions:

  • Wedding ceremony centerpiece
  • Lounge or dining area
  • Covered area for catering or buffet table
  • Food and drink area during cocktail hours or wedding receptions
12 by 10 Wooden A-Frame Pavilions.

Options for Wedding Pavilions

You can fully customize a commercial pavilion from Country Lane to fit the style and feel of your wedding venue. You select the style, dimensions, colors, and additional features. A popular upgrade is our EZShade Curtain which protects people from both the sun and cross wind during the course of the day.

Wooden A-Frame pavilion.

Build Your Own Pavilion Online

Start customizing a commercial pavilion for your wedding venue today. Use our online builder to choose the size, colors, and specifications that are the perfect fit for your project. Once you build your structure, you can submit it to our team for a personalized quote. For additional sizes and custom options, contact our team to learn more.

Pine Santa Fe pavilion.