Popular Pergola Sizes

Looking for the right pergola for your backyard or outdoor living space? Here are some of the most popular pergola sizes we sell.

All our pergola styles are custom built to your needs, including dimensions. Our custom pergolas are available in cedaryellow pine, or maintenance-free vinyl. They come as a DIY pergola kit or can be installed by our experienced installation crew.

Wood Pergola.

10×10 Pergola

Our 10×10 pergola is the standard size for a smaller backyard or patio. This pergola is the right size if you are looking to cover a small sitting area with 2 outdoor chairs. A 10×10 pergola also works well as a grill canopy or as the centerpiece of a backyard garden.

Artisan pergola.

10×14 Pergola

A 10×14 pergola is a great choice for creating an outdoor dining area, with enough room to fit a rectangle outdoor dining table and chairs. It also works if you only want shade on part of your outdoor living space, say next to a pool or deck.

White vinyl pergola.

10×12 Pergola

With a 10×12 pergola, you can fit a round dining table and chairs, or opt for a popular pub-style table and chairs. There is also enough room for an outdoor couch for a relaxed seating area.

White vinyl pavilion.

12×16 Pergola

As you expand a pergola to 12 feet wide, you start giving more room to move around in your outdoor living space. Our 12×16 pergola provides plenty of room for an outdoor dining table, chairs, and outdoor couches.

Artisan Pergola.

Larger Pergolas

Looking for a larger pergola for your backyard patio? We can build custom wood and vinyl pergolas at any dimension. Popular sizes include 16×16, 16×20, and 20×20 pergolas. With these larger sizes, you can cover your entire backyard patio or create a comfortable spot next to a pool or lake.

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Whether you opt for one of our most popular pergola styles or need a larger gazebo for your needs, Country Lane builds all of our pergolas with quality craftsmanship you and your family will appreciate for generations.

Contact Country Lane today and tell us about YOUR dream pergola. Be sure to visit our pergola design ideas for more inspiration.

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