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The Perfect Pergola for Every Backyard.

A DIY product perfect for those relaxation weekends

The newest option available for DIY’ers, built in Lancaster County by only the finest Amish woodcrafters. The Solace outdoor modular pergola & daybed kits turn any outside space into a personal oasis, far away from the rest of the world. Expertly handcrafted and designed to be constructed in an afternoon, just in time to watch the sunset. The Solace Pergola can be paired with the outdoor daybed and, with the optional rope hanging system, you can gently sway the cares of the day away. Strong enough for the whole family to relax on, and with proper care and maintenance, you will enjoy the Solace Pergola for seasons to come.

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Bring Home Some Rustic Charm

Solace Bed

The Solace Outdoor Daybed Kit Contains everything you need to build your outdoor luxury resting area. This includes the Japonica Cedar frame, 2 modular headboards, legs, hardware, outdoor mattress (with grey cover), and two pillows.


Solace 8×10 Pergola

The Solace Japonica Cedar 8×10 Wood Pergola Kit comes with instructions, wood, and hardware. The flat-packed cedar pergola kit is a great do-it-yourself outdoor improvement project, for you or your home contractor. Works with the Outdoor Daybed and Rope hanging system, each sold separately.


Solace 6×10 Pergola

The Solace Japonica Cedar 6×10 Wood Pergola Kit is a slightly smaller structure perfect for smaller outdoor areas. The flat-packed cedar pergola kit is a great do-it-yourself outdoor improvement project. Works with the Outdoor Daybed and Rope hanging system, each sold separately.


Rope Hanging System

Convert your Solace Daybed into a gentle swaying bed, floating in the air. Made from extra-thick, harbor-quality rope, our hanging system is easy to set up and provides a unique restful experience. The feeling of suspended rest can best be described as relaxing on a gently swaying luxury ship. Daybed not included.


Japonica Cedar a Growing History

The Solace Pergola Kit is a one of a kind design utilizing heirloom Japonica Cedar that has traveled the world. Originating in Japan, and growing on the infamous Mount Fuji, the lumber of these stunning trees were utilized for only the finest products and were considered extremely important in ancient Japanese society for centuries. From enhancing the interiors and exteriors of temples and shrines to crafting sustainable furniture, this special wood has had great spiritual meaning through the years.

In the 19th century the wood was introduced to Portugal as an ornamental tree and was soon cultivated on the island province of Azores. There the trees grow on steep mountainous terrain similar to that of Mount Fiji. The trees here thrive and grow an average of 130ft in height in just thirty years. The fast growing trees serve has the perfect sustainable option for the forestry industry, utilizing lumber for countless industries.

Our Solace daybed kit is constructed using this historic wood. The lumber comes from the islands of Azores and our Amish craftsmen turn it into our beautiful kits for you to enjoy. These trees are full of ancient history and now you can become a part of their journey.

New to DIY?

Q: Can I build this myself?

The Solace line of products is a DIY (do it yourself) assortment of backyard products that the average homeowner can complete in a weekend. We recommend having a simple understanding and knowledge of tools and woodworking but it is not necessary. Our instructions are laid out to make the installation as simple as possible. Larger items should be built with at least two people.

Q: Will you install this for me?

AT the moment, these products are only available in a kit form. Each kit comes with a supplied parts and tools list in the assemble manual to help with the installation process. You can hire a local builder or contractor if you need assistance with constructing your product.

Q: Do I need permitting to install this in my back yard?

We recommend contacting your local township for all rules and regulations in your area. Every town and governance can have different rule and requirements and they may vary from state to state. Reaching out to your local officials can help minimize headaches down the road.

Q: Does my Solace Pergola need to be anchored into the ground?

We highly recommend you anchor your pergola. Not only will this increase the lifespan of your product but it will also make it sturdier. Use the provided post brackets and anchor bolts to safely secure the structure. We recommend anchoring the posts to concrete footers but you may also anchor it to a deck or patio. If you need assistance or unsure how to properly anchor your pergola contact your local contractor for assistance or township for proper footer requirements.

Hanging Your Solace Day Bed

Q: How do I hang my new Solace Day Bed?

In order to properly hang your Solace Day Bed you will need to purchase the Rope Hanging System accessory. We recommend only hanging the day bed from a Solace Pergola also sold separately . Hanging your bed from any other structure is done so at your own risk.

Q: Why does my hanging bed feel unsturdy?

If your bed rocks too much and seems unstable you may need to adjust your rope mounting brackets attached to your Solace Pergola. The mounting brackets should be installed a few inches wider than the width of the bed stability.

Q: How much weight can my hanging bed hold?

The Solace Bed when hanging from a Solace Pergola is able to support up to 1000 lbs of dead weight.

Japonica Cedar Wood

Q: How can I increase the life of my outdoor structure?

Japonica Cedar is naturally strong, lightweight, waterproof, and decay resistant. However, as with all natural woods, proper care and maintenance will extend the life of the Solace Daybed and Pergola. Depending on your specific area’s weather patterns, you may wish to treat or finish your wooden structure. However, this will change the natural color of the wood. Proper storage during severe weather and unused seasons will help to extend the life of your product.

Q: Why is my wood splitting? What is checking?

A “check” refers to a separation in wood, usually extending out radially through the rings, as a result of uneven volume in lumber, caused by different moisture levels. “Splits ” and “checks” as they are referred to in the industry are completely normal and unavoidable when owning a product built from lumber. Checks will vary in size depending on how large the lumber is. More than half the weight of a living tree is water. This means that when there is change in the moisture content of a piece of wood, there is also expansion or contraction in it as well.

Q: What causes checking?

As a result of change in moisture, checks and splits begin to occur due to the outer surface of the lumber drying and shrinking faster than the inside. The wet center of the lumber expands slightly and the exterior shrinks and splits open. Because they are only aesthetic, “checks” rarely diminish the service life or structural integrity of properly treated lumber. Most commonly, as the lumber dries to a consistent level of moisture throughout the board, these checks and splits will often decrease in size, but can open back up again with weather changes.

Q: How can I fix these checks or protect my product?

When a check occurs it is recommended that you stain the newly exposed lumber inside the “check” or “split” with a stain color to match your product.  By protecting all exposed areas of the wood, you will help keep your structure looking its best and protect the newly exposed wood.


Q: One-Year Limited Warranty Coverage Information

This is a one-year limited warranty, provided by CLW, located in New Holland, PA – covering most manufacturing defects for the main structure and hardware (from the time of initial purchase).

Warranty does not cover any fabric or mattress materials during or after assembly. Please inspect these items carefully before starting your project!

Incorrect installation, improper maintenance, sever weather damage, improper use, and damage while in use cannot be covered under this limited warranty.

When installed correctly, used appropriately, and maintained properly, CLW guarantees that this product will remain structurally sound for one full year. Normal wear and tear, fading, and general aging, which is common of any outdoor product that is exposed to natural elements, is not covered. It is recommended that you periodically clean, properly treat, and keep vegetation from growing on and around the edges of the structure. For warranty to be valid, your original receipt must be available.

This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser.

Build Your Own Outdoor Structure

Turn your dream into reality with our online structure builder that allow you to create the backyard structure you have always imagined. Our builder is easy to use and allows you to choose the size, colors, and specifications that are the perfect fit for your backyard oasis. Once you build your structure, you can submit it to our team for a personalized quote.

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