Traditional vinyl gazebo by a pool.

5 Ways to Use a Pavilion

You’ve created a beautiful space in your house. Now you created the heart of your backyard by installing a pavilion on your property. These stylish and sophisticated buildings are a beautiful addition to your backyard but also versatile. Here are 5 Ways to Use a Pavilion

celebrate your conversionCelebrate under Your Pavilion

You now have a functional space. This is an opportunity to connect with the people around you and the pavilion can be that reason to gather. Create memories with your family and friends by hosting dinner parties, pool parties, reunions, and BBQ with neighbors, etc.




Artisan pavilion with interior structure.
20×20 Hampton Pavilion with Villa

Make the Pavilion a Living Space

Add a fireplace and comfy furniture to create a warm, home-like vibe. It’s great to sit out during the summer months next to a fire. The benefit is you can use this space year-round! Imagine sitting under your Pavilion next to the fire sipping cocoa during the winter months.





Traditional Wood Pavilion
Traditional Wood Pavilion

Make it a dining experience

A popular trend of outdoor living is adding an outdoor kitchens. Whether you’re a culinary star or just a foodie at heart, kitchens under an outdoor structure is a nice luxury! Some install counters, small refrigerators, and storage to make a true kitchen. If you love to entertain, cook, or just enjoy hosting dinners, make your pavilion the centerpiece for entertaining and dining.





10x14 Santa Fe
10×14 Santa Fe

Make it a cool-side to your poolside

Another popular trend is to have a source of shade next to the pool. Your pavilion can add that needed shade. Bars and a lounge under a pavilion are a great addition. Pavilions can create a high-end resort in your backyard! You can add more privacy by adding an EZShade Curtain. Our blog How to Create Backyard Shade and Comfortable Living explains our EZShade Curtains.



Hampton Pavilion
Hampton Pavilion

Make it your gardening dream

Adding an outdoor structure to your landscaping can absolutely make a backyard comfortable and inviting. Create a space that’s nestled in the comfort of nature! Add planters for color and shrubs for privacy. You can sit out in the comfort of your new sanctuary and take in the view of all your hard work.





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