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Why Buy Series: Part One: What is the Quality of Our Work?

Many companies and products today talk about the quality of the work but what does that mean for Country Lane Gazebos?
Most often they’re talking about the craftsmanship and the quality of the materials like the wood. How does Country Lane practice craftsmanship and quality in our materials? This blog will address those questions and explain a quality work we do that makes our product top of the line!

Wood Selection:

Cedar Tight Grain
Cedar Tight Grain

We use Western Red Cedar and Southern Yellow Pine in our products. Our selection of Western Red Cedar is 2nds or better,

Cedar Brace-quality work and wood
Cedar Brace-quality work and wood Kingston Pergola

which means sound tight knots and grain (minimal knots and tighter fiber). Tighter knots and

grain keep the wood from issues like knots falling out. Western Red Cedar is naturally durable and less susceptible to moisture, insect damage, and fungi growth according to Wood Magazine.

Pine lumber
Western Red Cedar Lumber

We also use a structural grade #1 Southern Yellow Pine, which is a slow-growing, tighter fiber wood. This tighter grain grade makes for strong lumber and a reduction in the number of knots. When Southern Yellow Pine is

Southern Yellow Pine
Southern Yellow Pine

maintained and installed on a proper foundation, the lumber will not rot.
Our Pine is pressure treated and twice kiln dried, which gives the wood the ability to sand, plane, paint/stain the wood; whereas other woods would need time to dry (cure) before staining. This lumber like all pinewoods may check

and crack. These checks and cracks are a normal part of the lumber characteristics. Please keep in mind that wood is organic. Wood does expand with moisture and contract when it dries. This is absolutely normal for wood. Read our article on “The Guide to Check Posts and Splits.”

What does this all mean?

Country Lane Gazebos goes to great lengths to choose the best product to build our structures. The wood we choose to build with will have an impact on our craftsmanship and the overall product we deliver to you. To achieve a top of the line look, we pay to get the best wood or product for our structures. We believe it is well worth the investment to have quality building materials. Our aim is to create high-quality outdoor structures that you’re proud of displaying in your backyard and using for many years to come.