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6 Must-Have Accessories for a Gazebo

Now that you own a Gazebo, you are probably thinking of creative ways to decorate and accessorize your space. Just like rooms in your house, this is a chance to express creativity. There are a few accessories you can add to take your Gazebo to phenomenal!

Here are a few must-haves for your Gazebo:

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan AccessoriesOn a humid day or evening, it is nice to seek out some shade or enjoy the evening under a Gazebo. The best addition to a Gazebo space is an exterior ceiling fan. A ceiling fan not only accents the décor, but a better purpose is to circulate the air. There is a variety of sizes and styles of ceiling fans to chose from. When selecting a ceiling fan, think of the structure and space style. What do you want the area to express? Find exterior ceiling fans


Lantern space heater
Lantern space heater

Outdoor structures, like a Gazebo, can get you out into the yard. On a cool and brisk night or day, a heating unit would give you the ability to sit outdoors. Extending your time outdoors during the winter months will add to the enjoyment of your structure and lengthen your season of use. There are varieties of styled heaters to fit your decor. Some that look like a lamp or lantern! The only warning we would like to provide is not to allow the heater unattended or near flammable objects. Find heaters


Speakers are the life of a party! It is a must-have for any serious host. Music has the ability to set a mood at a party or just for everyday enjoyment. You can create an intimate space with your partner using music or add tranquil background music to your favorite book. Ambiance music can set the tone for your guests! Find a Bluetooth speaker of your choice, hook up the music, and enjoy. Find Speakers


Furniture is a must-have accessory to fill to your Gazebo. Pieces of furniture can be inviting, add comfort, express your style, and be practical. A couple chairs, couches, and tables can make a space inviting and comfortable. Furniture can make a Gazebo feel like home, so use it to express your style of living space! Find furniture


Lighting can always add ambiance to space. With a little lighting, you can create a comfortable, intimate, or spiritual setting. Flameless candles can be that soft touch in a space that needs a little mood lighting. The great thing about flameless candles, you need not worry about whether or not you blew out the candles! These candles have timers and settings to turn on and off when you wish. String lights are another lighting must. String lights can add to a relaxed setting. Imagine sitting under the light tone of stringed lights while sipping ice tea. If the Gazebo was fitted with electricity, you can add a chandelier. Chandeliers give a space a warm and comfortable home feel. Always check if the lighting is exterior lighting on the packaging. Find lighting


Your Gazebo may have gardens and flowerbeds around it, a few plants in a Gazebo can be a nice accessory for your outdoor living space. It can add a spark of color and life to a Gazebo.


Screens are an accessory for the anti-bug/anti-mosquito people! If you want a bit of privacy, add screens. Not enough privacy? Add a curtain for privacy! Screens or curtains can create a private and comfortable sanctuary. Country Lane Gazebos have both, Screen package or curtains from our EZShade Curtain line, you can add to your order,EZ Shade Canopy

This is the fun part of owning an outdoor structure…accessorizing!

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