backyard staycation

7 Tips to Create the Ultimate Backyard Staycation

Uncertain about making travel plans or spending money for a one-time vacation? Many homeowners are choosing to turn their backyard into a staycation resort.

Here’s how to get the most out of your backyard and turn it into a safe place for you and your family to relax and unwind.

Benefits of a Backyard Staycation

  • Affordable – Rather than spending money on a single trip, your backyard living space will be an experience you can enjoy time and time again.
  • Easy to set up – If you are handy, most backyard upgrades are easy to do yourself. Even backyard structures come as ready-to-assemble kits that only take a weekend to install.
  • Open all season long – Whether you enjoy it for 5 minutes a day or an entire weekend, your backyard will give you much more enjoyment all season long. And don’t forget about next year, the year after that, and as long as you stay in this house.
  • Retains value – When you are ready to move on to your next home, your investment in your backyard living space will retain its value, improving your home’s resale value.

7 Tips for Turning Your Backyard into the Best Staycation Destination

1. Create space for your favorite activities

Part of a staycation is doing whatever you like to do to rest and relax. Whether that is swimming, laying in the sun, reading in the shade, or playing games outside, make sure your backyard can handle that.

If you have younger children, consider adding an outdoor playset for hours of imaginative play.

Traditional vinyl pavilion kit with cupola and next to a pool.

2. Add shade

No matter where you live, the afternoon sun can get hot – especially during the summer months. Create a space to sit and relax that’s comfortable by adding a shade structure like a pergola.

For additional protection from the afternoon sun, consider adding an EZShade Canopy. This easy-to-operate pergola canopy means you can have UV protection from the sun during the day, but still be able to see the stars in the evening.
12 by 16 Kingston pergola underside with an ezshade canopy.

3. Create privacy

Depending on the size of your backyard and how close you are to your neighbors, you will want to add some privacy measures to your outdoor living space. Bushes or fences are great long-term options to keep your entire backyard secluded.

If you have a pergola or pavilion, you can invest in an EZShade Curtain for an additional level of privacy.
backyard pergola with ezshade curtain

4. Bring all your home’s amenities outside

In recent years, a growing trend has been to move all your home’s amenities out to your backyard living spaces. This includes outdoor kitchens & bars, backyard dining spaces, and even outdoor living rooms – complete with fireplaces and TVs. For the ultimate in backyard staycations, you’ll want to do nearly all of your living outside.

pavilion covering an outdoor entertainment area

5. Improve what’s already there

What do you currently love about your backyard living space? Don’t abandon it; improve it and upgrade it.

  • Have a nice garden or flower bed? Make a quaint gazebo that fits in perfectly with your gardens.
  • Enjoy your in-ground pool? Add shaded poolside seating for even more hours of enjoyment.
  • Do you have a nice deck or patio? A beautiful pergola can add just enough shade so you can enjoy it during the afternoon heat.

Artisan Wood Pergola with E Z Shade System next to a pool.

6. Invest in quality furniture

Outdoor furniture from big box dealers or online retailers can look nice on a screen but are often made of budget materials and won’t last past a single season. Instead, invest in quality-built outdoor furniture for your backyard living space. You can choose from outdoor-rated wood furniture or poly outdoor furniture, which can last for years and is easy to maintain.

12 by 14 Alpine pavilion under side overlooking a scenic lake.

7. Add Illumination

Don’t let your staycation end when the sun goes down. By adding lights, a fire pit, or other outdoor illumination, you can extend your staycation into the late-night hours.

Arched wooden pergola with privacy wall and a stone chimney.

Invest In Your Home’s Backyard This Year

Consider making updates to your backyard living space this season by adding a pavilion, pergola, or gazebo. Our outdoor structures come in easy-to-assemble DIY kits and can be customized to your exact specifications. Browse our products online and start building your own structure today.

Want help deciding what structure’s right for you? Contact us and our design specialists can help you out.