Arched Hearthside Pergola with hanging lights and outdoor seating.

How to Create Privacy in your Backyard

One thing we always want more of when it concerns our backyard is privacy. We live in a plugged-in society where everything is a click away and conversations are held on remote digital platforms instead of face-to-face. Sometimes we want to come home to a place to relax and unwind from all the chatter. Creating a comfortable and relaxing spot requires some privacy. There are several ways you can achieve privacy in your backyard. Here are some of the best ideas for patio privacy.

Privacy Fences

There is a multitude of privacy fences to choose from for your backyard. Some of our structures have privacy walls as an add-on. These seamlessly blend in with our structure while providing a stylish, intimate setting or for blocking the wind. This Hearthside Pergola to the right is an excellent example of using a privacy fence to create an intimate setting.

Hearthside Pergola

Lattice with Growing Vines

Lattice is another way to create privacy. By using the lattice lines and the growing vines to block your backyard space, you can create privacy. This small patio privacy idea can also create a focal point with vines and flowers. One suggestion I would make is to make sure the plant does not overtake the lattice. Some plants will take over areas creating issues e.g. Ivy can damage surfaces like brick. Also, build a lattice panel separate from your structure. As you can see with the example above, it is possible to attach plants to our pergolas. With that said, make sure to be aggressive with pruning. If not, you may experience some issues as previously discussed.

Vines growing up lattice screens
Vines growing up lattice screens

Outdoor Curtains

We have some customers who place tension rods with curtains in between headers to create privacy. The advantage of curtains is the added privacy and also the variety in color, pattern, and texture. Everything from light and wispy to solids with grommets. It’s important to select outdoor fabrics for curtains because these fabrics are treated to withstand weather and mold. Our EZShade Curtains are a favorite of our customers looking for patio privacy. It gives them the ability to roll up and down their curtains. It also has a convenient box for storage!

Traditional Pavilion with curtains
Traditional Pavilion with curtains
Country Lane’s EZShade Curtain


Another natural way of creating privacy is to add bushes or hedges. The advantage of having living fences is it will naturally block wind and create a cozy, private space. One disadvantage is some bushes/hedges are slow growers so make sure you buy large hedges. Also, keep in mind girth. We suggest planting away from your structure. Most plants come with recommended spacing and the full-growth size to estimate planting.

Hedge for privacy in your backyard
Hedge for privacy

For Additional Inspiration:

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