White vinyl rectangle gazebo with a cupola, next to a decorative pond with trees in background.

The Essential Gazebo Guide

Ancient GazeboGazebos have been fixtures in gardens for centuries. It was common 5,000 years ago to see the Egyptian elite with a Gazebo. Gazebos would show up in everything from gardens to tombs and have stood the test of time. Gazebos became the social status symbol of many of the elite in various regions of the world. As time went on, Gazebos became multifunctional, from gardens, monasteries, tea ceremonies, and places of meditation.

Ancient Gazebos shrine

Often times the design was ornate with marble columns, golden seats, and with cupolas. The most common shapes for gazebos are octagonal, square, oval, rectangular, and dodecagon.

Today Gazebos are springing up in gardens and backyards all across the country. Here are a few questions to figure out what Gazebo would fit your yard.


What size would fit?

A better question to ask yourself is what am I using the Gazebo for?

gazebo guide

Think about the Gazebo size that is needed to fit your lifestyle. Need ideas? This is what others have used their Gazebo space for:

  • Outdoor relaxation like a pool or hot tub.
  • Outdoor kitchen and dining. A kitchen near the Gazebo with dining furniture under the Gazebo.
  • Outdoor living space with furniture or an outside game room.
  • Outdoor entertaining to accommodate to guests.


Is it enough space?

Account for how people will move around the Gazebo. How will people move around the space with furniture in it? Will the furniture crowd the space? If so, think about going with a larger Gazebo or smaller furniture. Above all, think of the future. Make sure you get what you desire and need.

What style suits your taste?

What statement would you like the Gazebo to make in your space?

  • The railing spindles with clean lines of the “Dutch Style” or carved spindles of the Colonial style?spindle styles
  • Do you prefer a wood or vinyl Gazebo?

Those are a few questions to begin the process. Our Gazebo page has each Gazebo broken down to color, style, and spindles. Take a look at what fits your décor preferences. Compare what you’re looking at with your style of house and landscaping. This will give you an idea of your style.

Still not sure? You can also ask any of our design consultants by phone or a local Country Lane Gazebo dealer for an in-home visit.


Where will it fit?

16 Octagon Vinyl GazeboKnow where you want this Gazebo to go and the size of the area.  Measure the area and height. Figure out how the structure will compliment your house. Places the Gazebo can possibly go:

  • Patio
  • Concrete Slab
  • Wooden Deck
  • Shady/Sunny Area
  • Garden
  • Pool Area
  • Focal point/Tucked privately away

This is a time to be inspired and think of some great features for your backyard! Gazebos are just one of many structures Country Lane can build to take your backyard from good to great.

Interested in more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest page or our blog about 5 Benefits of a Garden Gazebos.