Octagon vinyl gazebo with cupola and pagoda on raised stone platform in a garden.

Why Buy Series: Part Three: How is Country Lane Gazebos Green?

Many companies and products today are going “green” but what does that look like for Country Lane Gazebos? Here at Country Lane, we believe in being good stewards of what we’re given. The awareness to preserve our environment is an important element of our company. As a company, we employ many different techniques to keep green.

Railing workOur structures are handcrafted in an environmentally friendly atmosphere. Each craftsman is responsible to hand select each board and utilize the maximum value of that board. By being vigilant, we maximize the value of our natural material. We then collect our scrap and sent it back to be recycled again.

In 2010 we installed a solar system on building one, followed in 2013 with a second solar system on building two. With these two systems together, we have a large 200kw system that produces enough


energy to supply ¾ of our current electrical requirements.

Our wood shavings are used for mulch and wood pellets, instead of going to a landfill.

As a company, we are conscientious of our impact on the environment. Keeping green is more than just adding solar panels and recycling. It is also part of the values and attitude embedded in our company.

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