Hampton style, white vinyl pavilion with bar style outdoor kitchen and seating.

Guide to Choosing a Pavilion for Your Backyard

Whether you want to create a cozy spot to enjoy the outdoors more in every season or build the ultimate outdoor entertainment area, adding a pavilion to your outdoor space is a smart option to consider. Yet with all the styles, features and options available, how do you decide which pavilion is right for you? Here are some tips to make the process easier with choosing a pavilion.

What pavilion style most appeals to you?

While a typical pavilion consists of a simple roof with four supporting posts, today’s pavilion designs are anything but typical. At Country Lane Gazebos, we offer 4 pavilion styles that appeal to customers for a wide variety of reasons.

To help you find the pavilion style that suits you best, picture your backyard as it is today and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you prefer an orderly garden with perfectly spaced plants in tidy rows?
  • Or do you like to mix things up in a more haphazard fashion with a few plants here and there?
  • When you mow your lawn, do you always keep it at a certain height?
  • Are you a stickler for clean edges?
  • Do you prefer relaxed country styling, rustic rough edges or clean, modern designs?

There aren’t any wrong answers here. Just preferences that can point you in the right direction.

For example, your orderly garden might signal a preference for a more traditional look and feel, accented by our Traditional or Grand Estate pavilion styles.

grand estate pavilion

Love rustic design elements? Take a look at the Alpine pavilion that resembles a rustic ski lodge. The Alpine is also a great choice for those who appreciate clean, simple lines and open-beamed construction.

alpine pavilion

Our Hampton pavilions offer an air of modern elegance, with a steeper roof slope than our traditional pavilions.

The key is to look at examples of each style or even check them out in person to see what really draws you in.

Can you picture your new outdoor room? If you can, you’re on the right track which leads to the next step.

How will you use your pavilion?

Building a pavilion means you’ll soon have a new outdoor room to enjoy to your heart’s content. Picturing how you will use your new space can help narrow your choices even further.
Hampton Pavilion Gallery Image 4

  • Are you picturing family barbecues or quiet time reading a good book?
  • Do you see yourself having breakfast outdoors when the weather is nice?
  • How about quiet, intimate dinners after dark?
  • Pool parties for the neighborhood?
  • Would you like to add hanging plants or decorative lighting?
  • Do you picture comfortable lounge furniture or a table and chairs?
  • How about an inviting bar or outdoor kitchen?

All of these wishes and plans can help you create a ‘map’ for the pavilion that will serve as the backdrop for all your outdoor activities. Write down your ideas and be sure to share them with your pavilion builder, who can often make suggestions to make your new pavilion even better.

What size will work best for your outdoor space?

Several factors will come into play when deciding on the right pavilion size for your backyard. First and foremost is the amount of space you have available. Obviously, if you only have a 12×12 area, your pavilion will need to be smaller to fit the space.

Other considerations include the existing landscaping and other buildings or structures. You’ll want to make sure your new pavilion is scaled to blend in with existing outdoor elements so it doesn’t look crowded or out of place.

You may also want to stake out the projected size of your pavilion to ensure there will be ample space to walk around the structure and access it easily.

Finally, you’ll want to consider what you’ll be adding to the pavilion. You can start with your wish list from above. We recommend purchasing the largest structure that your yard and budget can accommodate so you can add the furniture, lighting, and accessories that suit you best, with plenty of room to grow.

Should you choose wood or vinyl?

alpine pavilion gallery image 6Both wood and vinyl pavilions offer advantages and there are compelling reasons to purchase either material.

Wood is generally considered more traditional, but it also works for more modern styles as well. In fact, the universal appeal of wood is hard to beat for beauty and value. Available in a variety of stain and paint choices, wood pavilions can be customized for just about any look and feel you can imagine.

Vinyl, on the other hand, provides an air of simple sophistication that is appealing to many homeowners. Available in white or ivory, it’s easy to match with just about any decor, easily blending with natural elements, the style of your home or other outbuildings or structures with ease. Plus, it requires very little maintenance beyond hosing it off once in a while to keep it clean.

What features are most important to you?

While each pavilion will have its own style elements, it’s important to note that you can enhance your pavilion to better suit your design preferences.

traditional white pavilion
The addition of a cupola, for example, can give your pavilion more sophistication or a bit of country charm that adds to the overall look.

You can also change the look of your pavilion by exploring different post designs. While standard pavilions are usually designed with square posts, you can enhance ordinary posts with additional design elements.

small wood pavilion on bricksOur superior post, for example, adds an element of refinement with extra trim around the bottom half of the post. Rounded column posts are also an option to explore.

The roofing style you choose for your pavilion can also add to the design. Traditional shingles offer a completely different look than brightly colored metal roofing, for example.

Finally, adding an electrical package can make it easy to install lighting you love, play music or even charge your mobile devices while you relax in your new outdoor space.

While there are many factors to consider when deciding on the best pavilion for your outdoor space, it’s easier to narrow your choices when you stick with the basics. Looking at styles that appeal to you, deciding how you’ll use your pavilion, determining the best size and exploring materials, features, and options can help ensure you love your new pavilion and cherish the time you spend using it for years to come.

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